Global Awareness Day

Photo Hosted by Picasa Web Albums Today we had a very special event at my university (Fayetteville State University). The International Education Center, who I work for part time, hosted its annual Global Awareness Day for the 3rd year in a row. This year I was asked to host a table representing the country of Ireland. Now I really do not know a lot about Ireland compared to my knowledge of the United States, China, Japan or Korea. But since my ancestry on my mother’s side is from an Irish descent, Ms. Hoy asked me to represent Ireland. So in my preparation, I made this display in about an hour! I was really rushing, but I believe it worked out for the best. I thought that if I glued some actors/ actresses on the tri-fold of Irish descent, then that would attract students who may have not been otherwise interested.

Photos Hosted by Picasa Web Albums This is my friend Peju, she is from Nigeria. Peju and I met through the International Education Center and she is teaching at FSU as a Fulbright Scholar. We have had many stimulating conversations and she has ministered to me probably more than she has realized.

Photo Hosted by Picasa Web Albums The Martial Arts portion of the event was interesting. Some of the martial arts students came to perform, showing off the various different styles of kung fu, karate, etc.

Photo Hosted by Picasa Web Albums This is Abdou who is a Fulbright Scholar from Morocco. Even though him and I are still acquaintances, he is still a really nice guy to speak with. I am currently taking a Ministry to Muslims class at Grace College of Divinity and Abduo has actually helped me understand bits of the Quran.

Photo Hosted by Picasa Web Albums This booth is by my new friend Karen. I also met her through the International Education department and we may have the chance to hang out in Shanghai over the summer. I really loved her Qipao and I wish I was able to take a better picture of her beautiful dress. 我想她的旗袍很美!I wish more Chinese women wore those dresses.

Photos Hosted by Picasa Web Albums This last picture is from my favorite event, the luncheon that featured various different international cuisines. There was food from Nigeria, India, Spain, Germany, the US and Jamaica. Needless to say free food, especially international food was definitely a good excuse to come to this event.

~ by branhow on March 20, 2012.

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  1. You sure did capture the best moments. Nice piece.


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