United Nations Conference

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United Nations Conference Second Committee at the NCCIIE 2012 Conference in Greensboro North Carolina. It was definitely a pleasure serving with them.

I have been looking forward to this conference since I heard about it early December. Though March has been one rough month with homework assignments, speaking at events and preparing for this conference, it has definitely been a great month! I had some of the best conversations with these individuals that I have had in a long time, its great to interact with people who share similar interests. The NCCIIE 2012 Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, is basically a simulation of how the United Nations actually would operate. The participants represent a certain country and then are assigned to one of the topic on the designated agenda. The second committee discussed issues dealing with “Agricultural Development and Food Security”.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was the country I was assigned with and even though I have nothing against the people of North Korea, the government really is a difficult country to represent. Though the country was extremely difficult to obtain allies with, it was still fun pretending to be the DPRK. The main event that caused my proposal and resolution to be ignored is because of the recent attempt of the North in launching a “satellite”. I am not sure whether it is a rocket, a missile or a satellite, but I can honestly say now that I am not representing the DPRK, that I am extremely unease about the North’s blatant defiance against UN regulations. I plan on posting plenty of more photos from the conference, but right now I am running on close to 5 hours of sleep within a two day period. I will definitely be posting more photographs later though!

~ by branhow on March 25, 2012.

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