Newt Comes to Fayetteville

Today was the first time I have ever seen a president/ presidential candidate in person. I am a Ron Paul fan first and foremost, but Newt would definitely be my second choice. I just REALLY don’t like Mitt Romney. Anyways the AIT building here in Fayetteville, North Carolina was hosting a Republican function. It was a small crowd and too be honest I felt really out of place. This crazy racist woman kept trying to convince me biracial people are tricksters out to destroy the United States. I wanted to tell her she sounded like the nutbag who killed all those people in Norway last year… Or some frigging neo-nazi. Anyways I consider myself to be more of an independent (or Traditionalist) and I do not like to call myself a Republican or Democrat, because I think both parties have good and bad points.

It just makes me angry how Republicans demonize democrats, like they are demonic. We need to stop looking at parties and see each other as Americans. I mean don’t get me wrong, Democrats mud-sling also, but in a more discreet fashion (just as bad). Because I maintain that both parties are essentially the same, looking out for the best interest of rich politicians. Whether it was George Bush in office bailing out the car industries or President Obama bailing out wall street. When it all comes done to things, the Republicans and the Democrats only care about their fat wallets and I sincerely think a lot of their disagreements are for show in order to distract us from the thievery they are participating in!
I wish my battery was charged on my good camera, but unfortunately I just had my Nexus One. I guess the photos are decent for a camera phone. Anyways I am not here to tell you how to vote, I believe that’s something that is left for YOU to figure out. But I will tell you not to buy all the news media or every politician. We have a country run by special interests; including foreign nationals, corrupt businessmen, and people who only care about destroying our freedoms. I just want you to think for yourself and be informed. Look outside the US for news, because FOX is overly bias for the Republican party and CNN is apparently in favor of Democrats. Listen to an outside voice (like the BBC) or listen to both Fox and CNN to make a balanced judgement. Anyways make sure to go out and vote! The Presidential elections are right around the corner (November 2012) and here in Fayetteville, early voting is opened now and the official day is May 8th for primaries! Go out and be a responsible citizen!

~ by branhow on April 27, 2012.

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