Cafe de Coral

Well everything is going well here in Hong Kong! We are doing A LOT and working up quite an appetite! Cafe de Coral I think is a Hong Kong chain and it is one of the more popular chain of restaurants here. Everywhere I turn I see them, whether it is in Central, off King’s Road or even during my trip to the New Territories. Cafe de Coral is not really 100% Cantonese food, but they do have some dishes that are Cantonese inspired! A lot of the food has a west meets east kind of flair.

The atmosphere is very nice, even with it being crowded for lunch time! I have never been a picky kind of guy when it comes to food! So wherever I see a long line, well that is the place to stop right? I have been to Hong Kong three times now, but I am no where near being as familiar with the territory as the locals. Plus Hong Kong is always rapidly changing, so it may even be difficult for the locals to find a particular shop or restaurant.

This right here was a chicken curry dish, which was amazing! Curry is one of my favorite foods, so when in doubt with the menu, CHOOSE CURRY! lol But why am I talking about food instead of my travels? Well nutrition is good for the soul and the body! Also getting fed is important to anyone’s travels.

~ by branhow on May 13, 2012.

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