Symbolic Expressions in Peking Opera

Peking Opera Actor and Actress

京剧中的象征主义 by Mr. Gong Xiaoxiong

Though these two are not dressed up, they are professional Peking Opera performers! Our school on Friday had a special talk from Gong Xiaoxiong, who is apparently a renown opera playwright. I wish the performers had dressed up in their traditional attire, but it was fun all the same. They sang some and showed some traditional Chinese opera movements (or motions) for us to better understand the elegance of the Chinese Opera. I love the Peking style of singing and I would encourage anyone to Google or YouTube some Traditional Chinese operas to get a better grasp of it! Enjoy!

Peking Opera Performers Dancing

For as long as I have been studying Chinese and learning more about China, I have always loved listening to the type of singing found in Peking Opera. I have an interesting taste in music, something that I have openly expressed several times on my blogs. But I find this type of music very interesting, just like I enjoy an instrument called the shamisen found in Traditional Japanese music. If you ever have an opportunity to see a live Peking Opera, I would highly encourage it. China/ Hong Kong currently is investing a lot of money into revitalizing the Chinese Opera for younger generations, so as not to loose this important part of Chinese culture.

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