My iPod Shuffle Playlist

I have a green one (^o^)v

I was purchasing some songs a little under an hour ago and I had an idea for today’s blog post! After I got back from China, I had purchased an iPod Shuffle because I missed my iPod Nano. Anyways due to the limited space with the Shuffles, I made a custom playlist of all my favorite songs that are in my library. I thought it might be a nice change to share the songs that are typically found on my iPod! Some people laugh at the songs that can be found on my computer or whatever, but I just wanted to share them with you all! Songs ranging from English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese and even Afrikaans can be found in this playlist! Click Here to download a PDF file of my iPod Shuffle Playlist! I hope this will give you all ideas for songs to add to your own library!

~ by branhow on August 27, 2012.

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