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Tuesday, November November 20th was my final day of student teaching. It was difficult to imagine I had been teaching for almost two and a half months close to three months. This was the final chapter in my university career at Fayetteville State and I am looking forward to graduating around the beginning of December. Despite my eagerness to graduate, I am going to truly miss my students. Even though I was not the real teacher (only a student teacher), I held all the responsibilities of an actual instructor. These kids mean a lot to me and I hope that they will continue to strive in their studies so as to have a bright successful future. I wanted to post these images earlier in the week, but I have been working on my portfolio for my EDUC 490 course which accompanies student teaching. These photographs are of the cards and gifts my students got me for my last day, needless to say I was shocked and a little teary eyed. I can easily count on both hands how many times I have cried in my life, so getting teary eyed is rather unusual for me. I hope you all enjoy these cards as much as I did!

A Farewell Cake

GoodBye Cards

From My 3rd Period Civics Class

From My 4th Period Civics Class

From the teachers whom I had the privilege of working with.

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