Must Be An Acquired Taste

Vegemite- Australia’s Beloved Snack

The beginning of December, I was blessed to participate in a Christmas production that my church was hosting. The performance was a retelling of the Christmas story of baby Jesus, but through the perspective of Joseph. Many times we as Christians neglect Joseph, particularly because he is not mentioned often in the Bible or we only focus on Mary. But the fact of the matter is that both Joseph and Mary had a tremendous amount of responsibility placed on their lives for being responsible for the Son of God. Well during the production, I came to know a pretty cool young dude from Australia named Ben. He actually came for the Christmas holiday to Fayetteville from Australia to spend time with his mother and decided to volunteer at our church for the Christmas production. Anyways Ben came to Crosswalk this past Wednesday for our youth group’s Christmas party and he brought the infamous Vegemite!! *Read the label* I have made several friends from Australia serving on the missions field in Hong Kong and I have heard them talk about this snack. Needless to say I was intrigued and asked Ben if I could try this Australian snack. BIG MISTAKE! At first glance it kind of looked like Nutella, but the smell was horrid. In fact the smell almost made me change my mind, but I figured this might be the only chance I would have to try Vegemite, so I dove right in anyways. All I will say is that Vegemite must be an acquired taste, because I would much rather eat Sea Urchin (the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten) again than eat Vegemite (no offense). I would also like to add that I swallowed sea urchin, but I was not able to swallow the Vegemite. Ben did inform me that most Australians eat it on toast or crackers and not straight out of the jar, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt!

~ by branhow on December 16, 2012.

One Response to “Must Be An Acquired Taste”

  1. lucky, ive always wanted to try vegemite. i also have to say that i actually like sea urchin.


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