Never Again…

This past Christmas 2012, I purchased a used iPod Nano 5G for my sister. I am just now starting to work again and I could not afford a new iPod, but I made sure I sought out one that was in pristine condition. On Black Friday I purchased this iPod at a 25% discount and it seemed in excellent condition or so I thought…

My sister and I are really on the same page with this opinion, we do not like the new iPod Nanos. This style is much more appealing than the new iPod Shuffle touchscreen like Nanos. Anyways come Christmas morning when my sister was opening her present, her delight lasted only a moment. To our surprise, Gamestop sold this iPod at a premium price despite the fact that they literally dug out what looks like a personal engraving. Needless to say my sister was disappointed and I was even more disappointed. Instead of my sister enjoying her present Christmas morning, she had to put it back in the box.

We were appalled that Gamestop even had the balls to sell this iPod in its present condition and even hid it by repackaging it! I purchased a used iPhone 3Gs that same night and it was just in a box, like many other iPhones and iPods, but this iPod had been repackaged. The very next day I drove back to Gamestop and demanded an exchange for the iPod. The staff was understandable at first, but when they did not have another iPod similar to this one, my sister found another one she liked. She decided to get a pink fat nano. This little fat nano was cheaper than the one I had purchased. Since I purchased it on Black Friday during their sell, I simply asked to be refunded the difference and then this 25% discount be applied to the iPod that was being exchanged.

The staff at the Ramsey Street Gamestop located in Fayetteville North Carolina was completely unprofessional when I asked them to apply this 25% discount. They simply continued to say that this iPod was cheaper than the one I purchased and the sell was over. In fact two of the employees there began to laugh at my request, this made me even more stubborn in the matter. I asked for the store manager and after 20-30 minutes of him telling me it was impossible for them to do this, despite the fact that I ventured out Black Friday for that particular reason of getting a good deal on my Christmas gifts. I told them that if I wanted to pay full price for a product, I could have gone out at any time in the year and purchased this gift. I also told them about how upset I was that they sold me this iPod in horrid condition and that my gift I had purchased for my sister on Christmas was ruined. The manager said you know this discount will only save you $5 and I didn’t think it sounded right, but I quickly replied, its the principle of the matter (later I questioned his math and 25% of $60 USD is $15 USD!). The store manager continued to argue with me and I simply had had enough. I sat down on the floor, in front of the iPod showcase, and told him in a stern voice, “I am not leaving this spot, until you fix this matter, I do not care how you do it”. The manager after arguing for around 20-30 minutes about how they could not do this request, quickly changed his tune. While the manager was working on a resolution concerning the phone, the staff continued to laugh at my sister and I. I will admit, the “sit in” may have been a little extreme, but I was tired with the whole dilema. This Gamestop will NEVER see any of my business again.

~ by branhow on January 2, 2013.

3 Responses to “Never Again…”

  1. Sorry, but thats sad. GameStop shouldn’t even sell things like this. Did they take a coin and scratch off the engraving? I also have had terrible luck at that GameStop. The employee who always helps me is rude, and likes to demand that I renew a 10 dollar membership.


  2. this is why i only buy games at gamestop.


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