While I was in Hong Kong and the Mainland this past summer, I did not have a TV in either my apartment in Hong Kong or my dorm in Shanghai. I have been missing China a lot lately and I cannot wait until I travel back to China this upcoming summer to continue my studies. That being said, I found out the Chinese state run media outlet, CCTV, has an iOS app! The Chinese news outlets have been in the news a lot over the past few weeks, especially for extending its reach in the continent of Africa.

As you can see this app has a nice and simple UI (user interface). On the main page it offers major news stories that are also available on CCTV’s webpage. Now the most important feature, at least that I find about this app is the Live News broadcast that is available. This past Christmas, I received an Apple TV, which I have been using a lot and my favorite feature is the AirPlay. Not all apps take advantage of this feature built into iOS (Al Jazeera for example does not). With my Apple TV and my iPhone, I can stream CCTV’s programs to my television set!

This app offers a wide variety of programming, available in multiple languages. The channels are shown in many major languages ranging from news to documentaries! I am not a big fan of the Chinese media, but I think its an excellent way of practicing one’s Chinese for free! I also really enjoy the documentaries that are offered through CCTV, they offer a great experience for those who are fascinated with traditional Chinese culture or interested in learning more about China. So I hope this app encourages people to learn more about China and remember, take the news with a grain of salt!

~ by branhow on January 4, 2013.

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