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Schools are about ready for summer and the jobs that were so readily available for substitute teachers a month ago are no longer existent. Fortunately I worked in Cumberland County as a sub until the 10th of last month, so I will be receiving one last paycheck at the end of this month. I have saved my money wisely for the past few months to last me for the summer, but I figured a part time job might prove helpful, especially knocking out that school loan. A old friend of mine started this franchise and he offered me a part time job fixing cell phones.

My part time workspace!

I have undergone two weeks of training in replacing charge ports (usb ports) on cell phones, replacing screens on various types of cell phones and taking apart/ diagnosing cell phones. Our trainer also showed us how to upgrade Android software (I kind of already knew how, but he showed us an easier way) and how to unlock GSM cell phones. Thankfully I am already pretty savvy on fixing the software side of computers. So this photograph is of my trusty work station with all my handy tools! I have been watching videos on disassembling cell phones lately on YouTube and I do not know how those guys do it without these tools! But thanks to them, it’s job security, because more times than none, those guys end up breaking their phones!

iPhones are very VERY tricky to take apart!

I have personally taken this iPhone apart about 4-5 times. This is an iPhone 4 Sprint CDMA and apparently there are different tweaks that Apple did in their wise wisdom concerning the layout of the iPhone 4 GSM model and both GSM and CDMA iPhones 4s models. My recommendation, unless you are gutsy and know what your doing, don’t take this sucker apart. Some of these screws are so tiny they look like a speck of dirt, especially the rail screws!

Taking off a charge port.

Soldering and de-soldering is very very fun! I am by no means a master, but I have been practicing a lot and have gotten pretty good! We are heating up some of these boards to 130 degrees Celsius or 300 degrees Celsius (all you need to know, is thats freaking hot).

Our store just opened June 1st and we are located in the Milestone theater plaza in Hope Mills. If any of you guys have a broken iPhone screen or a bad charge port on a laptop, bring it in! We will be glad to assist you! We are opened from 10-7pm Monday-Saturday. Hope to see you there!

~ by branhow on June 2, 2013.

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