I am currently back in Hong Kong from the 9th of May until June 1, 2012. Then I will be flying to Fudan University in Shanghai where I will take an intensive Chinese course for a little over a month. June 1 till July 10th. Then I plan on heading back to the United States until I finish my teaching degree, so I may move back to China in 2013.

This blog was originally intended for my time spent in the international city of Hong Kong. Currently I am back in the United States, but I still want to continue this blog. So until I move to Hong Kong for good in early 2013, I will be writing entries about Cantonese, Hong Kong, Canto-pop, and the Mainland.This blog so far includes some adventures I encountered during the first two times while I was in Hong Kong and then this last year (2010) when I was in Mainland China.

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