My World

This poem was actually inspired by a friend near the end of the summer. She is in my heart still and I’ll always care for her. 

I open my door of my house and look out onto the various wonders that await my life… I sense life, I sense death… The option of joy and the penalty of deception…. My foot crosses the threshold and the tip of my shoe touches the cold reality of my world. I hesitate and continue to be struck-en with wonder at this marvelous opportunity. I look across the street and see another open door. In front of the door i sense another life, another human being. Except her world is not at all like mine. She lives with depression, hurt, and despair… Her world is a reality that she prays to leave behind… And I can never step out of my world and follow her footsteps in her world… I am cursed to only stare and watch… I can reach out my hand, but from where I’m at, I can only reach so far. Though I can reach out and love, I can never relate to her pain. My mind wonders and I begin to focus back on my reality. My heart is consumed with curiosity for more in my life. So despite the horrors I could face, I pursue. I close my eyes and place both feet together. I gasp for air and count to three. 1…2… 3! I’m completely outside my world… I hear sounds that I am not accustomed to. I smell aromas that I have never been blessed before with. My eyes are light up with the vibrant colors that inhabit this beautiful world. I can touch and feel the winds of passion for knowledge against my cheek. I desire to experience what others experience and even something greater. I desire to experience something that no one has ever before or maybe even possible. But if I continue to walk down this road… Do I continue to exist? Or does my life just fade away into a vapor or become fused into the other lives of people? 

~ by branhow on February 28, 2008.

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