WWDC Let Down…

ok so Steve Job totally disappointed me on Monday at WWDC. I’ve watched most of the conference, but I was following @Fittorrent on Twitter during WWDC. The main focused of this conference seemed to be the iPhone… Well yes there was a lot of nice features that Apple is releasing with the 3G iPhone, but I was hoping for a 10inch tablet or something on those lines. I was really hoping for something new and a little more exciting than the iPhone update.
Well MobileMe is actually a nice update to .Mac. It really needed an update because personally I think it’s a waste of money! lol But I’m glad they bumped up the storage space and it seems a little more useful as in the sense of everything being able to talk to it easily. But MobileMe is kind of a lame name lol!

And I didn’t hear almost nothing on SnowLeopard!!! Except that it seems to be focusing on stability and security. I want to see it, but Apple did not put it in with the keynote of WWDC on their site! But I’m assuming it’s probably going to look the same and not too many impressive features are going to ship with it. But of course thats just my speculation. If you look at the OS X updates, I think the only impressive one lately was Leopard. Only because that added some under the hood features that are really going to benefit power users.

~ by branhow on June 12, 2008.

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