In Memory Of…

i am extremely tired but I felt like I needed to do this post today. especially since it’s September 11… You know I didn’t notice anyone make a deal out of today. This day seven years ago there were people consumed with evil that attacked our great nation of America. These men are ruthless and hate the concept of democracy and western culture. But instead of talking about the demonic forces behind this disaster I think we need to recall this day for the lose that we all have faced. All of the families that lost loved ones… We are deeply sorry for your lost and even though it doesn’t seem fair, God has got it all in control. He has a plan and sometimes we may not understand it all, but He is far wiser than we will ever be. I am praying for you all and I realize the lose will never disappear. This post is in rememberance of all of you…

~ by branhow on September 12, 2008.

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