Four Ways To Survive A Horror Movie

Have you ever noticed that people just seem dumb in horror movies? No matter what is going on, the victims judgment seems to be impaired and the killer always ends up mutilating them. Well this youtube short was inspired by those people. This is a short film about four ways on surviving a horror movie. I owe it all to my friends who helped me. Without them I would of had no one to act! Them I would of had to do some kind of Eddie Murphy shot and superimpose myself in all the scenes. lol! Anyways we had a great time shooting this video and it was a learning curve for me in shooting a movie and then editing it. I’ve done productions and plays before but never my own short video. But anyways I hope you all enjoy it!

~ by branhow on October 26, 2009.

One Response to “Four Ways To Survive A Horror Movie”

  1. lols
    remember if you ever need a random person to do something random dont hesitate to ask ill be more than willing. esp. if it has something to do with zombies.


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