Personal Blog Entry 01

I am sorry I cannot go too much into detail, but you who know me know what I have been doing the past two summers. I have been blessed to serve in certain areas of the world. But I am at a stand still right now. I feel as though two doors are opening and I need to figure out which door He wants me to go through. I have been praying for guidance and then about a day later I had an interesting dream. I am going to share this dream with everyone.

Okay I might need to clarify some things so please just bear with me. The dream started out like this. I was at Northwood Temple Academy (my old high school) in a classroom that I never had class in. It was one of the elementary classrooms. Except this time there were tables lined up in the classroom and a bunch of people were in the classroom. On the tables were articles of clothing, I believe they were going to be donated somewhere. Anyways a friend of mine from Asia (Brandy) she is a woman that was responsible for helping me with a missions trip I did in the past. I see her and we begin talking about a missions conference. I cannot remember the conversation word for word but I do instinctively remember the discussion about a missions conference. Anyways after I finish talking with my friend I go to a white board on one of the walls. This room had four huge whiteboards on all four walls of the room. I begin drawing mountains with a blue marker on all of the boards. After I finished drawing them on the last board I woke up.

So I have been praying about what to do this summer. I have an opportunity to travel to Hong Kong or Beijing. That is why I have been asking for guidance. I believe this dream may be one of many confirmations.

~ by branhow on January 10, 2010.

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  1. maybe it has something to do with the geographical location?
    which one is closer to the mountains?


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