North Korean Snow Crab

While we were traveling the Chinese/ North Korean border, we were able to experience a lot of North Korean cuisines. At this restaurant we manage to get 10-11 giant snow crabs, rice, soda, and several other veggies for around 100 USD. This was enough to fill the 12 people that were apart of our team. A meal like this in the United States would have cost a fortune. I am not a big fan of eating crab, mostly because it is somewhat of a pain in order to eat it. But I cannot deny that this was the best tasting crab I have ever had. In North Korea since there is not a lot of pollution, the sea life is actually thriving… Unfortunately most North Koreans do not get a chance to enjoy this kind of food. As I was enjoying this meal, I felt almost ashamed eating this well. But these two people in the video are Kiki and Adam, they were the first to attempt this daring feat of eating the head/brains of the snow crabs. If any of you manage to travel to the North Korean border, you will definitely need to try a North Korean restaurant. If you speak Korean, just beware that North Koreans speak a different dialect of Korean and may be extremely different for someone speaking Korean.

~ by branhow on February 20, 2011.

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