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Companies like Adidas, Apple, Nokia and Nissin are all international brands that customers in the West are probability more than familiar with. In my household alone we have brands that vary from all over the world, a rice cooker from South Korea (Lihom), a TV from Japan (Sony) and a pocket knife from Switzerland (Swiss Army Knife). These brands have managed to obtain an international brand that have penetrated markets all across the globe. But with these brands, how many of them are Chinese brands? China has become the second leading economy in the world, yet it has not successfully managed to generate an international brand as of yet. Not only is it the second economy economy in the world as of 2010, but it is known as the world’s factory. America imports a huge percentage of its goods from China, yet they still are not known for their brands. The term for Chinese brands are typically known here in America as “no name brands” or “brandless products”.

Images Hosted By: Flickr

With China becoming more of a major role in the world, it is about time for China to establish some global brands. I was reading an article from Monocle about this topic and I found it very interesting. After Monocle interview some of the many Chinese brands interviewed, they came to the conclusion that many Chinese brands do not wish to establish an international brand! The profit margins of some of these companies are so small that many cannot afford the jump into an unknown market. Unlike many European or American brands who have plenty of money to test markets, the Chinese markets are not in the same situation. These western brands have already established their brands and have been drawing in plenty of profit, whereas the Chinese have not established their brands. This scenario is almost as senseless as a college student graduating uni and then going out for a job interview and then the employer says that they do not have enough experience! Well of course, they have just gotten into the job market! But how can they obtain experience if they cannot get hired? Hmm anyways I highly recommend this international journal. Its called the Monocle and is from Britain. This is the primary reason for me driving to Barnes and Noble every month 😛

(For the sake of this article, I am using pictures of Hong Kong business that I took during my last trip. I am sure these HK businesses make much more money than businesses in the mainland, but I could be wrong)

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