August 2020 Update

Hey everyone! I had originally wrote a post on this past Monday, but didn’t publish it. Probably a good thing, because the situation is always changing.

I have officially received an invitation letter from the local Chinese government (where we live in China) for me to go back. Obviously my wife is a Chinese citizen and can go back at any moment (but we don’t want to separate) and my son can go back because of Elizabeth. Well I sent in my passport yesterday morning and it already arrived in DC to begin this process. Unfortunately, we found out yesterday afternoon that it will be delayed a lot longer than we expected…

We really are in need of prayer. We have enjoyed our stay here and it’s been a total blessing to be back, but we want to go back to China. This is where our heart is and at the moment our lives are. Please help us stand together as a triple braided cord and ask God for His protection over us, that my VISA will be approved and expedited, along with my sons special entry permit and that God will pave a way for us to get back to China within the next 2 months. Thank you all for your support and prayers! I’m quite fortunate to have such a group of brothers and sisters in Christ like you all, along with other good close friends!

~ by branhow on August 13, 2020.

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