A Tale of Two Sisters

wow, this week has totally flown by. I’m going to have to make up for that in the next several days! Well I have a movie recommendation! It’s called “장화,홍련” also known as in English “A Tale of Two Sisters”. First off I will say it has one of my favorite Korean actresses in it 임수정! She is a very talented young actress and she’s really cute lol! She’s played in several big time Korean Movies along with some television dramas. She also is a fulltime model and have done a lot of commercials for the Samsung Sens laptop and Hyundai.   Anyways back to the movie. It’s a suspense/thriller, I’d really say its creepy! lol I did not think it was scary just really creepy. The movie is about two sisters adjusting to a new life with their new stepmom. They all move together in a old weird house that seems to be carrying spooks around. As the movie progresses we see why the two sisters despise their acquired stepmom. She seems to be like Jack Nicholson when he played in the Shining. She’s just crazy! lol anyways I can’t go into further details because I don’t want to spoil it for you all. I will definitely say this is a must see for any thriller addict or Im Soo Jung fanatic like myself lol. All I’ll say about the movie is you will never see the ending coming. Well check it out and I hope you all enjoy!

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~ by branhow on April 4, 2008.

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