New Ubuntu Upgrade

hey everyone! I have noticed I have a lot of different techies that read my blog! but right quick thank you everyone for reading. I couldn’t do it without you. I’m actually going to try a different post today. It’s a question. I want to use the newest version of Ubuntu on my desktop. I’m currently running XP on it… Anyways I have a Belkin USB N Wifi stick and Ubuntu doesn’t recognize it… The model is F5D8053 and it’s a Belkin N USB wifi stick. Does anyone have any suggestions on getting this USB stick to work with the latest version of Ubuntu? Thanks for the help everyone!

~ by branhow on April 8, 2008.

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  1. Go to:

    Basically you need to have Belkin’s installer.exe file, wine, and ndiswrapper. Basically you end up using wine to run the .exe installer, then ndiswrapper to emulate the driver.

    Note: I do need to go into terminal and “sudo modprobe ndiswrapper” every time I start up, as I haven’t put it into my auto-startup


  2. […] try it on 64-bit). There are quite some posts about getting it to work with ndiswrapper (also posts about it not working, will drop him a comment). This one also explains how to unpack the windows driver if you […]


  3. See my blogpost about it. You can get it to work with either ndiswrapper or with the native driver from ralink.


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