Flying Green?

Now before I discuss the story that I found on the internet I would like to say that I do not buy all of this global warming fuss. Well allow me to rephrase that statement. I do believe the earth is warming but it is because of a cycle that the planet goes through every so often. I do not believe that all we are doing is screwing up the planet and that we are going to bring total destruction to the planet. But despite all of this I do believe we should be good stewards of what God gave us. So I was delighted to read this story.

So eight of America’s largest airlines are beginning a giant step in the direction of lowering their carbon emissions. Not only does their effort help the environment but I believe it will drive costs of airfare lower. Considering the source that they are using (biofuel) they will be able to obtain higher mileage and at a cheaper price than what they are currently paying for fuel. I admire this effort because I do not see flying decreasing in the new future, in fact given the current market and ideas people have on flying I see that flying will continue to be essential to our every day life. So if you would like to read a little more on the article, please refer to the link below!

~ by branhow on August 24, 2009.

One Response to “Flying Green?”

  1. finally the air transportation industry gets smart


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