Next Stop Beijing!

Please do not be fooled, I am unfortunately no longer in Beijing. This short clip was shot over the summer and I just recently discovered it on my camera! This was my first ever train ride, I wish I had taken more footage while I was on the train. It was an experience that I will not forget. I was traveling with my friends from Dumen to Beijing! This train ride was close to 24 hours! I have a great time though and a great time with my friends. Allow me to tell a short little story about an experience that I encountered on the train ride. My friends were able to purchase private car tickets, but unfortunately they only could purchase enough for everyone but one. The train had run out of spaces in the private cars! So since I was the only one on the team to speak a good amount of Chinese, they placed me in the back with the rest of the Chinese!! Well anyways as I walked down three cars or so from my friends car, a Chinese woman looked at me strangely. She asked me why I was back there with them and not in a private car. Obviously since I was western she thought I had some money. I just told her I wanted to experience this trip traditional Chinese style! lol!

Anyways the footage you see is probably considered the nicer spots in Beijing! Plus look at the air, this was a great day. There was not a lot of smog during our visit and Beijing was nice. *cough* I like Shanghai better though. Anyways I have some more footage, so I will do some more posts!

~ by branhow on February 19, 2011.

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