Google Pinyin

Back when I had my iPhone, one of the major reasons why I bought one was because it had Chinese and Korean support. Not only did I want the ability to send and receive text messages in either Chinese or Korean, but I have a good amount of songs in Chinese and Korean. Anytime I pulled up the songs on my old Nokia N95, the song titles would just show up as boxes. So the iPhone had solved this problem, but I eventually got tired of having to hack my iPhone everytime a new IOS update was released because I was using T-Mobile. I eventually switched to the Android platform and I have been enjoying it. I bought the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream) and have recently installed Android 2.2 Froyo on it. Anyways because Android is open, any developer can add any kind of functionality to Android. Google themselves actually added this extra functionality and is available for all versions of Android. Simple go to the Android Market place or the AppBrain market and type in Google Pinyin. This app adds an IME (input method engine) program to your Android device and now you can type in Chinese (Simplified or Traditional). As you might can tell by the name, this input method is done by typing pinyin. So even though Taiwan uses a different pinyin, you can utilize the Mainland’s Pinyin while typing in Traditional Chinese for those who have friends in Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. 😛 If you just want to view websites in Chinese or anything on your Android device in Chinese, you do not need to install this app. Google’s Android platform has built-in mutli-lingual display support. This is only for those who want to type in Chinese. Enjoy!

~ by branhow on March 3, 2011.

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