Metric, No Not The System of Measurement…

I have been on a quest to discover brand new bands and new artists. As some of you might know, I often listen to CBC Radio coming from Toronto and I remembered during the end of 2010, a program called the Q was counting down some of Canada’s best music. I ended up discovering a band called Metric and they are one of my favorite bands as of now. The band consists of four people, lead voalist Emily Haines, James Shaw on guitar, bassist John Winstead, and finally the drummer Joules Scott Key. If you are interested in Indie music, then this is definitely a band you may want to check out. Metric has been around for quite some time and has released several albums. The two albums that I am more familiar with are “Live It Out” and “Fantasies”. My favorite single that the band released is on the “Scott Pilgrim” Soundtrack and the song is entitled “Black Sheep”. Unfortunately if you plan on purchasing “Black Sheep” on iTunes or Amazon, well they require you to purchase the full album apposed to buying the song individually. I thought that was the benefit of purchasing my music electronically or from iTunes/Amazon MP3 Store? To purchase only the songs you want or like. Hmm anyways the band has several of their music videos posted on YouTube. My suggestion would be to first listen to them on YouTube and then if you enjoy their music, purchase it and support them. Well I hope you all enjoy this recommendation and check them out. This band is not well known here in the US, but I think they are worth getting to know. 😛

~ by branhow on March 17, 2011.

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