Interesting Flags from Around the World

Photos Hosted by Picasa Web Albums I was assisting my supervisor in the International Education Center at FSU and the task at hand was organizing a box full of flags. Anyways as I was shuffling through all of the various flags, I decided to take a quick snapshot of the flags I found the most interesting. The first flag that I thought was interesting was from the country of Ghana. I am not sure what the bird is, but my guess is that its a chicken!

Photos Hosted by Picasa Web Albums The second flag I thought was interesting is the photo above, it is from the country of Dominica. I thought that a parrot was an interesting bird to use for one’s flag. I also thought it is cute how this parrot is portrayed as a cartoony kind of parrot.

Photo Hosted by Picasa Web Albums
The next flag is from the country of Martinique, which is apparently founded around the Galapagos Islands and is French territory. I really hate snakes and I think most countries portray snakes as deceptive/ evil creatures. I thought it was interesting that of all the beautiful animals in the world, why would you chose a SNAKE?!
Photos Hosted by Picasa Web AlbumsI thought it was weird how people were present on this flag and two people with what appears to be weapons. Apparently the country of Belize chose this image as a reminder of the oppression they encounter under the British.

This project of organizing and labeling flags was very interesting and I learned a lot about the different countries in the process! If anyone has some flags that they think are interesting, please leave a comment describing it!

~ by branhow on March 3, 2012.

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