Not So Wise Eh?

Ok So I actually read this post a while back and I saved it on my wordpress account. So if you see the date on the BBC’s URL you’ll see it’s like a week old or older I think. Well I was checking out the latest news about Burma back when it first got hit… Be praying and supporting these people if you can by the way. But after I read some news updates on the situation, my eyes spotted this story. Well this story was very funny but extremely disturbing. A Japanese employer was caught surfing some naughty sites after a virus attacked his work computer. So first off the number of porn sites he visited was 780,000 different sites! What the heck! I could not even believe that and see this is just another reason why you shouldn’t be visiting those distasteful sites! You’ll get a virus and your boss will scan your browsing history to find out how you got the virus! So anyways check out this link at the BBC on more about this weird amusing story. lol

~ by branhow on May 9, 2008.

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