Email Is Not Personal

Who says snail mail is dead? Well to be honest, I would probably have to agree with them! Except I have been writing letters to several penpals for years. I have been writing to two penpals in particular for close to 2-3 years. One located in South Korea and the other in Hong Kong, who two years ago I had the priviledge to meet. The other penpals that I have are located in Finland, Vietnam, Indonesia and lastly Japan. 😛 This is our first letter (to the girl in Japan) and I am rather excited. But as a small little gift, I decided to draw a little picture for her on the back of the envelope. ;p Her name is Natsumi and I think that that is one of the cutest Japanese girls name. But anyways I would consider myself tech savy, except I think actually writing a hand letter is a lot more personal than an email. Plus when sending an email, you loose the excitement factor to receiving mail. Two of the sites that I have been finding penpals on are and then Except I think I have enough penpals now and I am having some difficulty keeping up with them all!

~ by branhow on March 3, 2011.

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