Summer School Update

This has been the busiest and stupidest summer yet! I have been doing summer school this whole summer because I am trying to get somewhat ahead in my major. Especially after FSU has neglected to tell me so many things that are required for my graduation date. But whatever, I’m going to keep pushing.

Usually I am in China over the summer break and this is the first summer in three years that I have not traveled to China. I am a little homesick even though its not even my home country! LoL But I have taken three classes this summer, an EDUC 330, 340 class along with NISC 120. I have passed two of the three classes as of right now, and I will find out the last result sometime this week! The one class that I have been worried about is my Biology class which was a sixteen week class crammed into four weeks! I would not recommend this class to anyone, without the help of the Lord and sacrificing all my free time this summer, I’ve managed to pass with a B! I am super ecstatic and I am looking forward to enjoying the last ten days of my summer break! I am definitely going to be updating more often and I’ll see everyone next post!

~ by branhow on August 8, 2011.

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