End of the Golden Mac Age…

Hosted By: Picasa Web Albums Don’t get me wrong, I love my Macbook Pro. This is not a post bashing Apple, just an informative one, hopefully. In fact Apple’s have been my primary computers besides my Ubuntu box (I use it as a Media PC). Anyways back before we decided to buy my sister a netbook, I had given her the first mac I ever purchased! I bought it in 2005 after saving up about six months for it. I bought a one year old iMac G4 1.25 gigahertz computer from a girl in Chapel Hill, who was selling it to buy an iBook. Needless to say since I bought my next Mac in 2008, I faded out the use of my beloved iMac G4. I wanted my sister to get familiar with macs, so I had decided to give her this iMac. Well after taking good care of it, my old iMac was eventually bit with a bug! My MAC managed to get infected with malware! It was running the latest version of Tiger, but I’m afraid the days of Mac becoming more of a target for hackers are slowing drawing near. *Now I have her running Ubuntu on her netbook* \(^o^)/ But hopefully this little mishap will help anyone out there that is having the same problem. This Tatooodle thing is NOT Google, I searched for it on the web and its a browser hijacker.

~ by branhow on September 29, 2011.

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