Thats Not Grape Juice!

This brand in Hong Kong sold for around $28 HKD or about $3USD

I may consider posting this post on both and, especially because of the topic. The item itself is not really Chinese but it is definitely popular in Hong Kong. I can remember the first time I went to Hong Kong for an extended stay, I spent a lot of time in the Welcome Mart. Well I myself love trying new foods, drinks, etc and I purchased this fruit juice called black currant! It is kind of similar to grape juice for those who have never heard of it, actually it would not surprise me if it is considered to be part of the grape family. Anyways every time I travel to Hong Kong or Mainland China, I make sure to stock up on plenty of Black Current juice boxes! Apparently the United States used to be known for its black current crops, but sometime in the 1800s the United States government banned farmers from growing it. I think I read somewhere that it was because it was interfering with other crop sales.

As you can see just this bottle is $8USD!

Well as I was strolling through Harris Tetter the other day I saw that they had Black Currant! I was speechless and this was one of the more popular brands that I would occasionally purchase. But as you can see, the price in the USA is so much more than what I was used to paying in China/ Hong Kong (also keep in mind I would get a 10 pack of juice boxes)! I am not sure why it is so expensive, except for the fact that it is imported from the UK. My guess is that this brand is also imported to HK but Hong Kongers consume it in a much greater quantity than us Americans. I think it would also be safe to say that most Americans have probably never heard of this fruit. Anyways luckily the cans next to the bottles are cheaper. These cans were about a 1.50USD and contained black currant, grape juice and raspberry. I hope to enjoy it during my lunch break tomorrow! Aww I miss Hong Kong!

~ by branhow on August 28, 2012.

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